Spend time reflecting, not shopping.


Giving an amazing gift is more than just finding something someone will like…

It’s about honoring a relationship and showing gratitude. At Melchior Gift Design, we root deep within to find what is special in a connection and use that as inspiration in finding or designing just the right present; and not just the right present for a person to receive but for you to be giving.


How it works


Reflecting on your relationship and telling us stories is where we get started. We take note of moments, emotions, and important nuances that only you would know. We learn what you want to communicate with this gesture and put into words what you might only feel. We also capture budget and timing. 

review and refine

Reviewing concepts and providing feedback helps us in refining the ideas, quickly landing on the one that resonates the most. You get a very clear idea of what the final gift will look like, how much it costs (within your budget), and how long it will take to create or coordinate. 



Your gift is done and depending what it is, we will help you understand whatever staging is needed for the reveal. You are now ready to bestow a very personalized present and to enjoy this beautiful moment you created.

What it costs

Prices range from the low $100s to $1000+ and depends on the type of gift pursued. This price includes all research and interviews. Below are samples of final gift designs and ballpark prices.
We are not limited to these ideas and sometimes even have clients who already have a great idea but need a designer.

gift Examples in the Low $100s

  • Wedding infographic 
  • Custom cut Bristol board name sign
  • Glass etched pint glass
  • Pop art illustration


gift examples $500+

  • Embroidered team shirt design
  • Kids board book (writing and illustrating)
  • Movie poster
  • Acrylic pointillism portrait painting

gift examples $1000+

  • Metal-cut sign with lights
  • Fused glass art, progressive pattern bar sushi plate
  • "This is your life" 10-min video

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