Personal Gifts

When you struggle in finding just the right gift it creates pressure and limits creative thinking. By simply having a conversation with us we help reveal options you would not have otherwise considered for a meaningful gift. To increase it's specialness we provide specific design recommendations where appropriate (e.g. color psychology, symbolism, layout, typography) and bring it to life. Bottom line: you share, we design.


example: new family heirloom

When the young family finally found their "forever home" Dad wanted to mark the occasion in a special way. While he had an idea to make a family sign, he had no idea what it should look like.

The design process started with a phone call. He shared his basic idea, what he wanted to commemorate, their family values, and traditions. I was able to take these thoughts and interpret them into sketches to explore various options. From there we collaborated as I presented new concepts and visual executions.

The epiphany moment happened when he saw my layout incorporating the "Grinch" font, which captured the quirky family humor while tying it to their most cherished tradition, decorating for Christmas. With my final touch of a stocking cap and setting the name atop their new home decorated in lights, it became the perfect homage to their family.

Now that a final concept had been designed, I worked closely with a metal cutter to ensure the design would hold together well for years to come.

During the annual "Deck the Halls" party, the sign arrived for Mom to see for the first time. "What?! Oh my God... it's so amazing... I can't even handle it!" She was absolutely taken aback by the gesture.

The family now proudly displays their new heirloom above the fireplace year-round.